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Maine Coon Kittens available!

Black and white poly Fe new.jpg
Black and white female and orange male.jpg

Black and White polydactyl female. This girl is gorgeous! She was born July 25th. She has had her first shot, been dewormed a few times and had her Nexgard Combo. She is $1500 as a pet only.

The next 2 kittens were born Aug 31st. we have a white blue eyed regular toed female $1000, Orange and white polydactyl male- $1500 they have been vet checked, had first round of shots, been dewormed and also given their first dose of Nexgard Combo.

Orange male1.jpg
Younger orange poly male5.JPG
Younger white blue eyed regular female3.JPG
White blue eye female.jpg

Our Maine Coon cats who are NOT available.

Charles- The King of the house!

The ladies of the house: Elsa- White polydactyl Bi eyed and Sophie Silver 

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