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Our Handsome Boys

Duey is our gorgeous Black tri male. AKC/ASCA. He is clear genetics, carries red. He's done well with some shows in 2023, he however doesn't like being in the spot light. He did a few shows in 2024 so far. He may take a break for a while and try again in 2025.
He's a big boy, 23" and 70lbs.

Duey ASDR Nationals 2024 - Copy.JPG
Duey ASDR Nationals2.JPG
Duey ASDR Nationals 3.JPG
Duey ASDR Nationals Best.JPG
Duey pedigree.jpg
Rocky baby to adult collage.jpg

Rocky- AKC/ASCA is my goreous Merle stud and show dog. We are very excited to find another needle in a hay stack! This boy is everything I want, temperment, size, conformation, clear genetics, carries red. He's maturing into everything I had hoped he would. He's doing well in his show career. He loves to travel. He is 23" and 60lbs


From Farm Clothes


To Show Clothes, he can do it all!

Rocky ASDR Nationals 3.JPG
Rocky ASDR Nationals1.JPG
Holly pedigree.webp
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