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Standard Girls


Denali- This gorgeous girl started my flame back up for the love of the standard sized Australian shepherds! She is one AMAZING girl, not only temperment, but her conformation, etc is what makes her so special! Her first show ever she got Best in Show puppy amongst some amazing puppies representing their breeds! She is in the top dogs for showing for ASDR in 2021. She is a carrier of CEA, clear on all others. OFA Normal Elbows, OFA Good hips. 


Freya is a beautiful Blue merle female. She's got a very sweet laid back temperment She will probably get into the show ring fall 2022. She is AKC/ASDR registered. She is MDR1 Affected, and Multifocal Retinopathy 1 carrier. Her OFA's are done- Hips Fair and Elbows normal.

Stoli collage.jpg

Stoli is a gorgeous Black tri girl. She will be entered in a few shows to see how she does! She's got some great bloodlines and was imported from Russia. Her Hips are Good and Elbows normal!

Kona new collage.jpg

Kona is a gorgeous Red Bi Merle. She has been my love at first sight since she was just a pup. I am on cloud 9 since she was offered to join my family! She carries DM, HUU, HC, MDR1. She will have her OFA's done after she has her litter of puppies and weans them.


Cameo- Our Gorgeous red merle female. She has made her debut at her first ICKC show and won Best in show Puppy! Very excited for her 2023 show career! She carries DM, otherwise clear. She is a niece to both Denali and Peri.


Luna AKC/ASCA is a gorgeous Black tri. She is clear aussie panel. She's just a year old in the first 3 pictures, 18 months in the head shot. I'm very excited for her future show career. She's a very sweet quiet girl!

Jude CH pic.jpg
Jude stacked.jpg

Jude is an AKC Champion girl. She is Co-owned with a dear friend of mine. She has clear genetic testing. She will get her OFA's done once she has weaned her litter of puppies that's coming soon.


Kindle- AKC She is a gorgeous thick girl. I got her as an older pup, she loves her family but not too sure she will like the show ring. We will probably try her again in 2024 to see if she feels more comfortable. Either way she's a gorgeous girl. She is Available $1500 full rights


Sierra- AKC upcoming show girl! She has got the sweetest personality, absolute lover. She will be making a couple shows in 2023. But hopefully more in 2024! Stay tuned for updates! She is available $1500


Prada- AKC/ASCA/ASDR This girl has got it all, sweet disposition, bone structure for Days, Beautiful coloring, and Clear Aussie Panel! She went back with her breeder so she can get her AKC champion title faster. She's deeply missed, but I know she's in good hands with her first mommy!


RIP my beautiul Peri 1-18-24- She had a gorgeous litter of puppies for me born Jan 10th, 2024, and I lost her on the 18th. She is Denali's full sister from another litter. Her first show she got Reserve Best In Show! She is a carrier of DM and CEA, Clear on all others.  OFA Elbows- Normal and Hips- GoodI have some pretty high hopes for this pretty girl! 

Our "Free Riders"
Just because we love them!

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