My boyfriend and I searched for some more land that would satisfy both of our needs/wants. We found this gorgeous property that has a river running thru it. He has his hunting land across the river and I have land for my horses and pooches. I have been working on remodeling the original farm sheds to work for my doggies and horses. It has been a lot of work, but coming along nicely!

Horse Barn Remodel

Adult Doggie Kennel Remodel

Nursery Remodel

Still a work in progress! But coming along nicely. Sometimes I think it would have been easier to just build a new building to make it exactly how I wanted it. But then I think of this old farmstead and all it has been thru out the years. I wanted to keep the old buildings and just remodel them to make them last for years to come! So with alot of extra work, trying to preserve the old buildings, they are looking amazing! I can't wait until I'm all done working on the buildings and my furr kids and myself can just sit back and enjoy all my hard work, sweat and some tears.

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