The yellow australian shepherds are NOT in breed standard, but I personally LOVE them and wanted to have a few of my own. If you are looking for a beautifully unique aussie a Yellow might be for you. They range from a light almost cream color, to a rich dark orange color.

The Man!

IMG_0531 (2).JPG
IMG_0646 (2).JPG

Scotch- Gorgeous little Yellow male. He is tested and clear thru the aussie panel and is m/m He is 11 3/4" tall.

The Ladies!


Pumpkin is the darkest of my yellows. She's such a deep rich color. She's a half sister to Nilla. Both girls are small toys. Pumpkin is 11.5" tall


Nilla is the sweetest tiny yellow girl. She is 10.5" She won the heart of my BF, she's got him wrapped around her little foot! She is m/M248 and clear Aussie panel.


Bailey- She's one of my lightest yellow girls. She's a full sister to Amber. She's a small mini at 14.75" She is a carrier for PRA-PRCD, clear on all others, and she's m/M222

IMG_0477 (2).JPG

Amber is a pretty light yellow. Her and Bailey are full sisters. They both are small minis at 14.75" tall. Amber is affected PRA-PRCD clear on all others and is m/M267