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The yellow australian shepherds are NOT in breed standard, but I personally LOVE them and wanted to have a few of my own. If you are looking for a beautifully unique aussie a Yellow might be for you. They range from a light almost cream color, to a rich dark orange color. I am willing to make a package deal on my yellow toy aussies. I am selling out of my toy sized aussies, that's the only reason these furr kids are available.

The Man!

IMG_0531 (2).JPG
IMG_0646 (2).JPG

 Available $2000 Scotch- Gorgeous little Yellow male. He is tested and clear thru the aussie panel and is m/m He is 11 3/4" tall. DOB 7/14/20

The Ladies!


On Hold for Breeder, Pumpkin is the darkest of my yellows. She's such a deep rich color. She's a half sister to Nilla. Both girls are small toys. Pumpkin is 11.5" tall DOB 12/18/20


Nilla is the sweetest tiny yellow girl. She is 10.5" She won the heart of my BF, she's got him wrapped around her little foot! She is m/M248 and clear Aussie panel. NFS- She will be spayed and stay with us.


 Available $1500. Bailey- She's one of my lightest yellow girls. She's a full sister to Amber. She's a small mini at 14.75" She is a carrier for PRA-PRCD, clear on all others, and she's m/M222 DOB 8/24/20

IMG_0477 (2).JPG

Available $1000, Amber is a pretty light yellow. Her and Bailey are full sisters. They both are small minis at 14.75" tall. Amber is affected PRA-PRCD clear on all others and is m/M267 DOB 8/24/20

Group price for Scotch, Bailey and Amber- $4000

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